A Thousand Reasons to Celebrate Tamil - Our Journey to 1,000 Orders

Since launching in June 2020, at the height of the COVID pandemic, we've achieved a lot of milestones. From our first 1,000 Instagram followers to our first month with 100 orders last December, we've seen Tamil Kadaii quickly become the largest online Tamil store outside of India & Sri Lanka.

Celebrating milestones give us all an opportunity to reflect on the past. To celebrate this particular milestone, we decided to share some exciting facts about our first 1,000 orders with you.

Where do Tamil Kadaii customers come from around the world

Spreading Tamil around the world

For a company like ours, where spreading Tamil across the world is our biggest goal, the state of the world in 2020 presented a big challenge. Yet, even in the worst of times, we had orders coming in from more than 15 different countries across nearly all the continents in the world. 

Some of these countries were not surprising, like Singapore & Malaysia, which have some of the largest Tamil populations outside of India & Sri Lanka. What really surprised us was that we even got orders from countries like Taiwan & Netherlands. It truly is a testament to the fact that Tamil culture has spread to the farthest unexpected corners of the world.  

What do Tamil Kadaii customers buy

Wearing Tamil loud and proud

Our cinema apparel collection was one of the first collections we launched on Tamil Kadaii. T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts with designs featuring Rajinikanth quickly became our best sellers (...of course they did. It's Rajini).

We also got a lot of love from parents who wanted to buy Tamil clothes for their young kids. In fact, two of our baby bodysuits, "Amma's Chellam" and "Rowdy Baby", were purchased more than 100 times, making up around 5% of all the items we've sold so far.

It's like they always say, you got to start them young.


What products are popular at Tamil Kadaii

The big six 

There are now over 100 products on our website. But when we started, we only had a couple of t-shirts and a couple of toys. Still, with over 100 products, it's interesting to see some of our original products in our 6 best sellers. Our Urvasi t-shirt was our first product launched, and yet we're still selling a few of them every month.

Our new additions, like our Qolly Quiz cards, have quickly overtaken most of our original products. It's actually the product that sells out most often on our site. The Aana Aavanaa play mat has a similar story - it was launched months after we started Tamil Kadaii and continues to break sales records even today. 


Tamil Kadaii customers that bought Tamil gifts for others

Sharing the love for Tamil

Our favourite fact about our first 1,000 orders is that more than 15% were gifts for others. One of the reasons we started Tamil Kadaii was that we literally couldn't find a single good Tamil gift for any of our Tamil-loving friends. The fact that so many of you are using Tamil Kadaii to share your love of Tamil makes us immensely proud. 

Our most popular gifts have been our "Best Appa" and "Best Amma" mugs. What his tells us is that so many people want to express their appreciation to their parents, and being able to do that in their own language with their own culture is heartwarming. 


Our favourite messages from our Tamil Kadaii customers

It's always been about you

The reason we continue to work on Tamil Kadaii is because of all of you that continue to support us. The messages of support, the countless reviews, and all the feedback we received mean the world to us - we make sure we read every single one. We've already had 52 reviews from loving customers, 42 of which have been 5 star ratings. 

We are truly grateful for each and every one of you, and we will continue to work hard to make sure you feel even more connected to Tamil culture through our store. Thank you for being a part of this 1,000-order journey, and we'll see you again at 10,000.

psst...if you've made it this far in our story, use the code "THE-BIG-ONE-THOUSAND" during checkout for 10% off.


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  • sgtamilan

    Congratulations on attaining the milestone of 1,000 orders! 🎉 Your ride is a testomony to the dedication and ardour you have poured into Tamil Kadaii. Each order is now not simply a quantity however a get together of the prosperous Tamil lifestyle you carry to existence via your products. Here’s to a thousand greater moments of success and the persisted increase of your inspiring venture!

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